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Sometimes talking is just not enough.


Creative Arts Therapy continues to offer a service

Now more than ever children, young people and their families are in need of professional support. Many families are self isolating and many are struggling to deal with relationship issues during lockdown. Some will be grieving losses and separation from loved ones.

I want to reassure you that Freedom Creative Arts Therapy Service continues during the pandemic. The difference is that we are not meeting together in the same room. Safety first, for all.

Safe sessions

Whilst we may not be in the same room together, we can still be closely connected. Until we can meet for face to face therapy I am delivering emotional well-being sessions by an online video link so that we can still meet in a safe way. We will either build a new therapeutic relationship, if you are a new client or maintain our relationship if you are an existing client.

This is such a safe, secure and effective way to help you during this challenging time.

I understand you may want face to face therapy for your child or young person at this time but Government guidelines are not allowing it right now due to social distancing restrictions. This is why, if you want support we must meet online.

There are some advantages to online sessions, no journeys to a Therapist's office, no parking, no traffic. You’re in your safe space with all your familiar comforts around you. You don’t even need to get out of your slippers!

If you are on a reduced income please take advantage of our reduced concession rate - ask me for details when we speak.

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Together we can continue therapy in a very safe and effective way.